Weekend Reading: Reflecting and Looking Forward

This week I have shared on how I am changing my schedule to reach my goals for next year…and develop long term habits for beyond my goals. The year ahead is very exciting with lots of changes, updates, and tons of hustle. The etsy shop is getting ready to launch with a limited selection to start and ever expanding.

Before kicking off next year, this next week will be a little slower. Slowing down is important to speeding up…in the right direction. Any time I take time to slow down, and allow room to think, the better the next endeavor. It’s the same with a nap. I love naps…the time after a nap is so much more productive than twice the amount of time without one.

Posts to Read this Weekend:

Blonde on a Budget is Getting Serious About Saving in 2014

Dinks Finance ask Dinks Choice: Pay off your mortgage or save your money?

Luke 1428 shares Defense Wins Championships (And Helps With Finances Too)

Modest Money explains The Importance Of Tracking Your Spending

Club Thrifty posts Cash Money: $5,650 in November Income and Blog Updates

I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead–and if my trop Target last night was any indication, shopping will be a little cray-cray.


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