Getting More Done: Grouping Similar Activities

Who doesn’t want a better year than the year before? Personally, I am trying to get a running start into 2014–be more productive and finally exit the awkward stage of my life which was supposed to be over 15 years ago. I have three side hustles in addition to my job and working on the house. If I try to do all 5 things everyday, nothing really gets done. It’s a step above just concentrating on one thing at time without distractions that I talked about here.

To take it up a notch, similar activities (or side hustles) are being grouped together. For instance, blog posts are written once a week. Then other weeknights are divided between two other side hustles–not on the same night. On Saturdays, I work on house projects. Sundays are a flex day with a lot of relaxation to get ready for the next week.

Another daily task that I am working on grouping is making dinner. 30-60 minutes everyday is spent in some sort of meal prep. Now, I love to cook but it’s not an efficient use of my time. This next year, I am going to work on making make ahead and freezable dinners. This way, I can cook once a month and have most meals during the week ready to go. Doubling a recipe doesn’t take that much extra in terms of steps but it saves a ton of time by not going through the exact same steps twice.

Dinner Prep This Year

Dinner Prep This Year

Next year, I will be sharing how to cook once and eat for a month–and how it tastes.


3 thoughts on “Getting More Done: Grouping Similar Activities

  1. Cooking does take too much time mostly in the preparation stage. Because I also have to maximize my time, I cook enough food good for both lunch and dinner. All the kids have to do at supper is to reheat while I am busy typing away at the computer.

  2. Great idea!!! I am looking to be more productive in 2014 also! I am organizing EVERYTHING trying to kickstart 2014 on the right track! Back in October I effectively menu-planned and made dishes to keep in the freezer. But then the holidays happened and I didn’t follow through. I will definitely add that back to my list for January!! :)

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