Weekend Reading: Reflecting and Looking Forward

This week I have shared on how I am changing my schedule to reach my goals for next year…and develop long term habits for beyond my goals. The year ahead is very exciting with lots of changes, updates, and tons of hustle. The etsy shop is getting ready to launch with a limited selection to start and ever expanding.

Before kicking off next year, this next week will be a little slower. Slowing down is important to speeding up…in the right direction. Any time I take time to slow down, and allow room to think, the better the next endeavor. It’s the same with a nap. I love naps…the time after a nap is so much more productive than twice the amount of time without one.

Posts to Read this Weekend:

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I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead–and if my trop Target last night was any indication, shopping will be a little cray-cray.


New Habits for the New Year: Daily Changes for a Better Year

This year I have learned the benefits of the death by 1000 cuts mantra. Looking back, it’s not one thing by itself that made the year successful, it was doing something little by little that made the year shine. The last two months of the year, I have plugged into some leadership podcasts and have started to implement some new habits. Here are a few that I have started which will help make 2014 the best year yet and achieve all the goals I have out for next year.

1. Stick to my morning and evening routines. There are four things I do every morning: my quiet time (going through a devotion for the day), workout, social media, and handle shipping for the day. This usually takes about 2 hours of my morning. In the evening, I spend my time focused on one side hustle and reading for the last 30 minutes of the day. By focusing on just one side hustle, I am more efficient with my time by doing the same type of activity in a larger chunk of time instead of trying to do 3-4 different things every day.

Sticking with the routine, I am not asking myself if I will get done this or that, it’s now “I have 30 minutes, what am I going to do in social media for that period of time?” It’s much more focused. The last two weeks, I have started working out every morning, even if it was just for 15 minutes. It’s more about developing the habit and routine right now.

2. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. One thing I hope to never see in my driveway again is a huge dumpster. There have been three of them in the driveway since moving in along with one Bagster. Throwing so much stuff away while cleaning out the house has made me conscious of how much I throw away–everyday. Several stores offer a discount for bringing your own bag. I plan on regularly using my usable bags and maybe even making some new ones!

3. Eating locally and organic. With turning 35 next year, I have been thinking about my health and what I am putting into my body. My long term goal is to grow almost all of my fruits and vegetables. There is a ton of room in my yard to have a huge garden. This next year, I want to build on what I have started. I plan to have a few more large containers with plans for a larger garden  the following year once house projects are done.

What new habits do you want to start in the new year?

Getting More Done: Grouping Similar Activities

Who doesn’t want a better year than the year before? Personally, I am trying to get a running start into 2014–be more productive and finally exit the awkward stage of my life which was supposed to be over 15 years ago. I have three side hustles in addition to my job and working on the house. If I try to do all 5 things everyday, nothing really gets done. It’s a step above just concentrating on one thing at time without distractions that I talked about here.

To take it up a notch, similar activities (or side hustles) are being grouped together. For instance, blog posts are written once a week. Then other weeknights are divided between two other side hustles–not on the same night. On Saturdays, I work on house projects. Sundays are a flex day with a lot of relaxation to get ready for the next week.

Another daily task that I am working on grouping is making dinner. 30-60 minutes everyday is spent in some sort of meal prep. Now, I love to cook but it’s not an efficient use of my time. This next year, I am going to work on making make ahead and freezable dinners. This way, I can cook once a month and have most meals during the week ready to go. Doubling a recipe doesn’t take that much extra in terms of steps but it saves a ton of time by not going through the exact same steps twice.

Dinner Prep This Year

Dinner Prep This Year

Next year, I will be sharing how to cook once and eat for a month–and how it tastes.