Shopping at CostCo Wholesale: The Giant Bag of Limes

I love shopping at Costco–it’s something that has saved us a ton of money. However, it you are not careful, it can turn into a giant money pit. All those tempting samples and new gadgets. That’s one way it can cost more. Another way is food waste. I hate food waste. It’s not only money in the garbage but completely avoidable.

Limes are one of those items that are so much cheaper at Costco than in the store. It’s a no brainer. The danger is now using all of them. Here are some ways that I make sure and get my money’s worth and avoid waste:

1. Tequila Bars by Guy Fieri. These are to die for and are great with any cookout. I highly recommend making them.

Tequila Bars

2. Guacamole. Think giant bag of avocados meets giant bag of limes. Making a batch of guac takes a few minutes and tastes so much fresher than the store bought.

3. Limeade. This is like lemonade’s cousin.

4. H2O enhancer. Add a slice or two to a nice tall glass of water.

5. Chipotle style rice. Add lime, butter, and cilantro to white rice with your next Mexican dish.

6. Search “lime” in If all else fails (or if I have been of no help), searching by ingredient can turn up some new ideas.





September Resolutions: Back to School Time

It’s been 10 years since I have started a new semester of school…law school was the last. And yes, I am still paying Sallie Mae every month. Some people do their new year’s resolutions in the fall with the new school year. I have never gone this route, but since we want our life to look different going forward (no debt, fixed up house), it’s a good exercise to go through. As you can see, we are using more technology to help us reach our goals.

Here are my back to school resolutions:

1. Stick to the budget. This year has been rough on the budget. We had a dog surgery (all is well) that ate the entire tax refund. Luckily, no money “out-of-pocket” but still. To do this we are going back to Mint. Yes, the same Mint that I declared quitting in an earlier post. We aren’t good about going all cash either. Both of us are natural savers for the most part but it’s the little things that slowly eat away at the budget every month. It will also be great to be online with the budget so we can access it quickly and know exactly where we are at for the month.

2. Use Trello for the daily stuff. I started a new board in Trello called “today”. I have been writing out the top 3 things I want to accomplish each day. Ok, I wrote down the top 3 things I want to accomplish each day for the next month. It’s not working. We use Trello for home projects and I use it to track my side hustles. I have started going in as a part of my morning routine and updating what I want to accomplish for the day–not the next 10 years.

3. Start and stick with an exercise routine. Exercising is one of the keys to my financial and side hustle success. I have more energy and it gives me some space to think about things. I envision myself coming up with the next pet rock on a long run. Probably not going to happen, but maybe a small change that makes a big difference. I haven’t used the Nike Fuel to track all activity. I have been a Nike Plus user for years. I am setting an 8 week goal to run more often. After October, the weather is iffy at best, so I want to get outside and exercise as much as possible.

Do you set back to school resolutions? What habits are you looking to change this fall?



Fall Top 5

Summer is going fast and I still remember the polar vortex all too well. What’s up with a summer polar vortex, wasn’t one vortex enough for one year? Before winter is once again upon us in the northern hemisphere, there are a few things I would like to accomplish. Remembering not getting outside for days at a time makes me want to take advantage of the fall weather. Ok, more than a few but here is the top 5:

1. Run 10 miles…at one time. Before moving into my home, I was a regular runner. Moving in and working on house projects and cutting the grass has made running a lower priority. It’s time for it to running to go up on the list again. Every week I plan to do a “long run” and add a mile to each week’s long run. This week I am starting at three miles and by the end of September will be at my goal.

2. Go to the local apple orchard. This year I had a garden over the summer and I loved using fresh tomatoes and zucchini in meals. Over the next couple of years, I hope to expand my garden every year. Pumpkins, apple cider, and apples from an orchard is one of the best parts of the fall season.

3. Make pumpkin spice lattes. It’s fall and there is nothing like pumpkin in everything. Starbucks has a winner with this one.

4. Bulk up the savings. The budget has been stretched with annual bills and home maintenance. Now that a lot of those expenses behind us, it’s time to bulk up the savings again. More posts to come on saving while eating on a mostly whole30 diet!

5. Super clean the cars, house, and yard. Yeah, I am afraid of another long winter. It’s time while the windows can be open and it’s nice to work outside to get things cleaned up.

What is on your list for this fall? Is anyone else hoping for a mild winter?